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Yonam College




1979년 12월 01일
  • The first Yonam Qualifying Examination
1979년 11월 12일
  • Lectures began again.
1979년 10월 27일
  • Temporarily was closed because of the decreed martial law.
1979년 04월 30일
  • Won the third prize from College Magazine Contest.
1979년 03월 02일
  • School magazine [Yeonji] was firstly published.
1979년 03월 01일
  • Mr. Lee John-Young was inaugurated as the first and the second dean.
1979년 01월 01일
  • Yonam Animal Husbandry Academy was chartered.
1978년 10월 05일
  • The first Yonam Sports Festival
1978년 05월 01일
  • The second Suhyang Festival
1978년 04월 08일
  • School's tennis club won a single's title, a bronze of double match, in the course of a Chungnam qualifier of the 78th National Sports Festival.
1978년 03월 01일
  • Sangnam Dormitory 1, Common Room, and Student Restaurant opened.
1977년 11월 01일
  • School building was completed with Main building and classrooms.
1977년 10월 26일
  • The first Suhyang Festival
1977년 06월 23일
  • Yonam newspaper was firstly published.
1977년 04월 15일
  • Opening ceremony for student national defense corps
1977년 03월 16일
  • Anniversary of opening an academy and entrance ceremony
1977년 03월 01일
  • Upgraded to Yonam Animal Husbandry Academy(animal husbandry:80, dairy industry:40, feed industry:40),
    and Lee John-Young was inaugurated as the first principal.
1976년 06월 08일
  • Mr. Lee John-Young was inaugurated as the third principle.
1975년 10월 26일
  • The first Alumni Association was held.
1975년 07월 02일
  • Na Gi-Hyun was inaugurated as the second principle.
1975년 05월 01일
  • The first 5 graduates experienced a training course in Canada.
1975년 02월 27일
  • The first graduation ceremony of 1974 year
1975년 01월 20일
  • Enrollment quota change(60→90)
1974년 05월 07일
  • The anniversary of founding a school was established.
1974년 03월 01일
  • Yonam High Technology School of Animal Husbandry opened.
1973년 12월 29일
  • Mr. Jeon Dong-Yong was inaugurated as the first principle.
1973년 12월 19일
  • Yonam High Technology School of Animal Husbandry was chartered.
1973년 07월 13일
  • Mr. Cha Kyung-Koo was inaugurated as a chairman of the board of trustees.
1973년 06월 27일
  • Yonam Educational Institute was established as an educational foundation.