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Dept. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture


This department running the advanced course for bachelor's degree course, after eco-friendly horticulture division and environment and landscape architecture department, aims at cultivating competent workers in green-technology industries of the promising new growth engine lately.

New growth engine industry

Government plans to concentrate on 3 major industries including green-technology industry of new growth engine in the following.

New growth engine industry
3 major industries 17 new growth engines
Green technology industry Energy Sector(growth-stimulating eco-friendly-plant technology, etc.), Energy Efficient Sector(new renewable energy technology, etc.), Greening Spaces Sector(making ecological spaces, urban-restoration technology, etc.), Environmental Protection Sector(environmental remediation, etc)
Cutting edge convergent industry Broadcasting convergent industry, IT-convergent-system, robot application, new materials, nano-convergence, bio(resource) pharmacy, medical device, food industry
High value-added service industry Global health care, global learning service, green financing, contents and software, MICE, fusion tour

Key indicators and prospects in new growth engines

It is expected that new employments will be created reaching total 795.4 billion(dollars) exports, and added value of 576 trillion won up to 2018.

Key indicators and prospects in new growth engines

Convergent practical-education programs are supposed to raise capable problem-solvers called as green competency and help students to play decisive roles in green industries such as ecological-space creation, urban-regeneration technology, environmental restoration, stimulating eco-plant technology, etc.

Lesson Schedule

It is possible to get a bachelor’s degree taking more 60 credits. Lectures are scheduled in the day time on weekdays.


2015 The advanced course with no academic careers was established.


Human and plant, survey and analysis of natural environment, botany, environmental color, design principle, bioecology, soil biology, plant propagation and practice, expression techniques, garden planning and practice, plant management, urban horticulture and practice, landscape ecology, biotope creation, flower display, landscaping plan and design, gardening skills, floricultural product and practice, training and application of flower design, start-up plan, project training, examination for graduation requirement