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Dept. of Animal Husbandry


This advanced course for bachelor's degree after association degree course is more intensive for the third and fourth grade students to be creative experts in animal husbandry areas in the future. This course can control the curriculum including new technology and information from successful national and foreign industries and farms. It will also improve student's practical skills and trouble-solving capabilities and supplement their shortcomings from the previous lectures.


  • Acquiring more over 60 credits in the advanced course can achieve bachelor's degree.
  • It is possible for workers to study as class time is scheduled for Friday night and Saturday.
  • Our night college is beneficial for agricultural successors and workers at the industrial companies instead of being active duty soldiers(until 2015) regardless of time.


  • 2008 The advanced course for bachelor's degree was established.
  • 2013 The former course changed into with no condition of bachelor's degree.
  • 2014 The 5th 106 graduates on February, and 22 graduate-school students are produced.


Livestock excretion recycling, premium-meat production, farm under HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System), animal-immunology, animal-behavior, leadership, diet-formulation processing, experimental zoology(special topics), experimental statistics, nutritional physiology, e-commerce, proficiency examination beyond graduation requirements, basic Chinese, ventilatory management for cattle-shed, livestock ICT, management-consulting of animal husbandry, livestock microbiology, livestock seminar, livestock products and culture, deepening practice of livestock, livestock accounting(advanced), project practice I, II


Name Beneficiary Total Note
School Expenditure Scholarship 47 30,866,890 excellent record, poverty, patriots and veterans, etc.
Entrance Fee(reduction and exemption) 15 9,975,000
Grants for Schoolworks(reduction and exemption) 18 11,700,000
Rural Hope Foundation with KRA(Korea Racing Authority) 42 95,000,000
National Scholarship 82 57,389,130 Yonam Alumni Association Scholarship
Exterior Scholarship 4 4,400,000 Cargill Agri Purina Scholarship

※ Dormitory free(every Friday night)