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Yonam College

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Dept. of Beautician Art

  • The best up-to-date facilities in Korea: skin, hair, make-up, general laboratory I, II, III
  • The best Scholarship in Korea by LG Household & Health Care: 20 million Won every year
  • The highest percentage of employment in Korea: Getting a job at LG Household & Health Care

Training Program Abroad

Providing training or studying programs aborad through the agreements with the world famous beauty schools in United States, France, China, India, etc.

Cooperative firms

LG Household & Health Care, Korea Central Esthetician's Association(KCEA), Korea Certified Association of Trichologists(KAT), Korea Makeup Artist Association, SOHO Beauty Academy, MBC Beauty Academy, SBS Beauty Academy, AURA Beauty College, Beauty People Beauty Academy, International Korea Nail Design Association, Korea Body Painting Association, COSMO C & T, Salon De MUSAI, CHOP, EVESEL Ltd., Pacific AIM(Aritaum) Ltd., Korea Makeup Association, SERI Beauty Salon, Richard PROHAIR, Choi Ji-Na Body Painting, RAIN Makeup, Jeon So-Young Makeup, US Cinema Makeup School, France Christian Chauveau


  • Achieving a major title of large-company-employment No.1 among the beauty arts departments of Korean colleges
  • Winning a prize at beauty contests in Korea(high rank)
  • Providing the best benefit of beauty arts departments(Merit Scholarship, LG Scholarship, etc.)

Future careers

LG beauty consultant, LG Whoo spa-palace, LG specialist, hair-designer, scalp-treatment handler, makeup artist, beautician, hair-salon manager, nail artist, broadcasting makeup artist, production researcher, prosthetic makeup artist, broadcasting stylist, cosmetics company, beauty-academy instructor, culture-center lecturer, clinic and spa for skin care


  • Beautician licenses could be get after taking credits.
  • National certificates: hairdresser, skin care, Industrial Engineer Colorist, etc.
  • Private licences: the-third-class makeup, the-second-class makeup, the-first-class makeup, nail art, scalp-care, foot therapist, beauty stylist, makeup instructor, blood-vessel massage, etc.
  • International certificates: CEDESCO(Comitt international d'estetique et cosmetologie) diploma(skin, private)