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Yonam College

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Dept. of Foodservice Industry

  • Up-to-date facilities: Korean and Japanese kitchen, Chinese cookroom, Western cookery, bakery and pastry arts cookery, laboratories for food-styling and fermented food, practical rooms for beverage and food service
  • Capacity-building of employment through food service cluster based on academic and industrial cooperation
  • Cooperative firms
    • Intercontinental Hotel, Conrad Hotel, Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, GS Our Home, Hanwha Hotel & Resort, Inc., Stevens, Inc., Konjiam Resort, Shinsegae SVN, CJ Foodville, Paris Croissant, ON THE OBRDER, Mainzdom, Mi n Mi(Beauty & Taste), Artiseeboulangerie, etc.


  • Providing curriculum all over the food service industries including cooking, bakery and pastry arts, food and beverage service, etc.
  • Supplying work experience of more than 65 percent of curriculum
  • Preoccupying the employment inside and outside major hotels(Intercontinental Hotel, Conrad Hotel, Konjiam Resort & CC, etc.)
  • Utilizing restaurant Neutinamu of a college enterprise to improve practical ability
  • One-man one-material standard with useful drilling
  • High benefits through many scholarships
  • Winning a prize in every contest entangled with cooking, and bakery and pastry arts

Future careers

Hotel(culinary & beverage section), food franchise, catering company, food retailer, cooking teacher, bakery, etc.


Craftsman Cook, Korean Food, Craftsman Cook, Western Food, Craftsman Cook, Chinese Food, Craftsman Cook, Japanese Food, Craftsman Confectionary Making, Craftsman Breads Making, Craftsman Cook, Blowfish, Industrial Engineer Cook, cake decorator, chocolate master, cocktail bartender, coffee barista, wine sommelier, ect.