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Division of Animal Care


Major in Animal Care

This course deals with the following things: animal physiology, sanitary control and veterinary medicine, public health, hygienics, biotechnology, agriculture and stockbreeding, environment and ecological preservation, etc. Its purpose is to nurture professionals relevant to the animal care areas. It also supports state-of-the-art facilities for animal reproduction and sanitation, besides more researches biotechnology through work place learning.

Major in Pets

Now, gradually pets are believed to be valuable creatures reducing a sense of uneasiness and alienation as a result of the nuclear family and urbanization. This course aims at cultivating experts to bring more steady and good-quality life to our society applying pets, and it treats a commercial reality of pet animals.


  • Professor Lee Wung-Jong appeared in the 'Becoming A New Pet' section within Animal Farm of the SBS TV program for showing how to train pets actually.
  • Professor Lee Wung-Jong and comedian Ji Sang-Ryul jointly emcee with the 'Advice on Pet Dogs' program, Chosun TV.
  • Duzon IT Group: 70,000(Pyeong) scale Pet Theme Park driven by the members of Gangchon campus committee creates over 200 jobs for pet professionals in 2015.
  • Taking jobs at companies and organizations related to graduates' majors through the first S.P.F.(Specific pathogen free) laboratory animal center in Korea.

Future careers

Veterinary clinic, factory farm, animal quarantine station, experimental-animal industries(OrientBio, KOATECH, Samtako), university Laboratories(Seoul National University, Hanyang University, Kyunghee University), institutes(Hanmi Pharmaceutical Company, Green-Cross Vaccine, Research Institute for Safety Evaluation, Biotoxtech, Bioengineering Research Institute, LG Life Sciences Ltd., Korea Testing and Research Institute), Samsung Everland Inc., Zoo inside Seoul Grand Park, etc.


Dog beautician, groomer, pet care coach, laboratory animal institute, animal welfare nurse, dog handler, animal-assisted therapist