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Division of Floral and Plant Design


Major in Floristry

This course aims at cultivating florists who create beautiful living spaces using flowers. Its graduates can manage shops while making and selling floral decorations applying cut-flowers and pot plant. It also deals with every floral design for wedding ceremony, party, performance events, floral display, and interior gardening.

Major in Gardening

The objective of this course is to raise gardeners or garden designers who create a little garden inside and outside spaces as basically running a garden or a small garden center. It treats a garden on the balcony or the front porch, a window garden, a rooftop garden, an indoor garden, and a show window of garden. It focuses on container gardening and small garden designs.


  • Firstly established a floral design department in Korea, 1999
  • Firstly opened floristry and gardening majors in 2006
  • Received many outstanding awards from floral design contests since 1999
  • 2014년
    • World Pressed Flower Competition(Utility Model): Park So-Young and Shin Ji-Hae(First prize)
    • Korean Garden Show: An Mi-sun and Oh Hyun-Kyung(Excellence)
  • 2013년
    • International Floral Decoration Competition: Yun Sang-Hyun(Grand prize), Chung Ju-won(Silver), Park Ji-Young(Bronze)
    • Korean Floral Design Skills Competition(College Student): Chung Dae-Young and Chung Jae-Hwan(First prize)
    • Korean Nature Contest: Kim Jin-Suk(Silver)
  • 2012년
    • International Floral Decoration Competition: Jin Young-Rim(Grand prize), Sim Hyun Kyung(Silver)
    • Living Flower Design Contest: Kim Hae-Ri and Kim Yeon-Ji(First prize), Yoo Ji-Suk and Jeon Jun-Yeop(Excellence), Yun Sang-Yeon(Gold), Chung Seong-Mi(Gold), Kim Ga-Hui and Lee Min-Jung(Silver), Kim Jin-Sil and Park Hae-Mi(Silver)
    • Korea National Arboretum Gardening Contest: Choi Eun-Jin and Go Eun-Bi(Bronze), Mun Jung-Won(Selection), Son Eun-Suk(Selection), Choi Suk-Geun(Selection)

Future careers

  • Florist, flower coordinator, gardener, botanical garden coordinator, floral fabrication(garden center, garden design, flower garden, indoor garden, botanical garden, flowering plant, gardening plant, indoor plant, flower arrangement), transfer, study abroad


Engineer Floral Design, Craftsman Floral Design