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Division of Eco-Friendly Horticulture

Division of Eco- Friendly Horticulture

Major in Floriculture

Agricultural industries are expanding from simple production to processing, application, retail, etc. according to high technologies. This tendency brings a great influence on broadening into various agribusinesses. The purpose of this course is to foster competent people who are required for agri-companies and understand multi-functional agriculture through WPL(Work Place Learning).

Major in Farming Start-up

The objective of this course is to cultivate talents who exclusively can produce and process, and distribute high valued horticultural eco-products.

Cooperative firms

  • Company: LG Life Sciences, LG Household & Health Care, SEMINIS Korea, Nongwoo nursery, etc.
  • Agribusiness: Dailim-seed, Woori-seed, Nongmin mushroom research center, Mush-heart, etc.
  • Farm: Bongrim agricultural cooperation, Myeong botanic garden, Aenong, Ivy-land, Cheondo agricultural company, Deasin horticulture, etc.


  • Providing professional business course under national supports
  • Running assembly systems inclusive of production, processing, distribution, and sales
  • Be appointed by the Education Ministry as a model farm for Work Place Learning(WPL)
  • Supplying advanced facilities and competent instructors to back up business start-up
  • Be called the flagship brand by the Education Ministry

Future careers

  • Business Start-up: Agriculture start-up, agri-food processing industry, agricultural marketing, green business, etc.
  • Employment: Seed firm, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, agro-venture company, golf resort, government office, agro-materials management, bio-agriculture, etc.


Organic industrial engineer, Industrial Engineer Seeds, Craftsman Mushroom Seeds, Craftsman Horticulture, Industrial Engineer Protected Cultivation, Industrial Engineer Plant Protection, Agricultural Products Quality Coordinator