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Division of Animal Husbandry

Major in Animal Husbandry

Major in Animal Husbandry

Since this major is for students to get an job and go to study more, they can experience theories and skills all over the animal husbandry areas. What to handles in class is as follows: appropriate responses to each sort of livestock, reproductive technologies, feeding environment and facilities, prevention of disease, management and distribution, etc.

Major in Dairy Industry of Korean Native Cattle

This major treats the following things: production technologies to make high-quality milk and premium Korean beef cattle, feeding and management, improvement, disease, meat processing, and dairy cattle and Korean cattle, etc.

Major in Pig and Poultry Keeping

This major deals with improvement, propagation, physiology, nutrition, disease, feeding and management, distribution, management, environmental installation, etc. It will treat various courses concerning breeding pig and poultry systematically. Consequently students can acquire many things through these lessons.


  • International farming designated by Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a representative farm
  • Academic and industrial cooperation with domestic and foreign industries
  • Carrying out advanced courses for bachelor's degree
  • 'Practice first' for lifelong and vocational education
  • Providing professional business courses supported by Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Ministry

Future careers

  • Business Start-up: Farming proprietor with large or small domestic animals, livestock trading, etc.
  • Employment: Forage company within National Agricultural and Livestock Co-operative Federation(Nonghyup and Chuokhyup), animal health company, stock retailer, meat processing firm, inspector for butchery, company for livestock facility and environment, quarantine, health official, etc.


Industrial Engineer Livestock, livestock artificial insemination technician, technical expert of animal improvement, Craftsman Fabrication of Meats, marketing manager, etc.