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Yonam College


Preserved Flower Center


Floral and Herbal Processing Center manages to produce and supply materials and goods of floral and herbal processing and offers technical education and consulting business.
This firm as one of the 6th industrialization models in agriculture fields strives to develop national floriculture and extends its business to production, processing industry, and service areas. It makes diverse products used for interior ornaments, souvenirs, bouquets for presents, and decorations for space through many drying techniques. Particularly, it has accumulated premium production techniques of preserved flowers paying attention to worldwide sales.
It is possible for students to apply what they learned in the classroom to practical jobs. They can test new ideas and produce and sale out of these exercises.


Establishment :
May, 2014
Location :
Yonam College 313 Yonam-ro, Seonghwan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungnam
Core business :
Dried materials, high quality preserved flowers, customized souvenir, consulting of processing technology, etc.
Facilities :
Production facilities for floral and herbal processing materials, laboratory for floricultural goods, hot air drying equipment