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Yonam College



레스토랑 느티나무

We will open up new opportunities to realize passionate student's dreams.

Our restaurant opened on September, 2005, as a college enterprise. This place is useful to apply learning things in the classrooms to actual working environment. Many professors, graduates, and undergraduates are working here now.
We will endeavor to make it a local attraction using menus with environment-friendly agricultural products and are running it in all seasons.


Establishment :
September, 2005
Location :
75-2 Suhyang-ri, Seonghwan-eup, Cheonan-si, Chungnam
Main Menu :
Sliced raw fish, Sichuan duck, pizza, scorched rice soup(Nurungji-Tang), bean paste stew(Doenjang stew), Leaf wraps and rice, etc.
Equipment :
98 seats(1F), banquet room with 70(2F)
Off site facilities :
Playland, small zoo
Parking lot :
레스토랑 느티나무