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LG Yonam Education Foundation

창업 회장 구인회

LG Yonam Education Foundation is founded by Koo Ja-Kyeong the honorary president in 1973, in accord with Koo In-Hwoi the founder' wishes of the development of human resource and the advancement of scientific technology.

Yonam, Koo In-Hwoi the man who made LG Group the motive power for national economic development, established the Yonam Cultural Foundation in 1969 after keenly realizing corporate social responsibility for public utility and human resource.

Mr. Koo Ja-Kyeong the director of Yonam Education Foundation(currently LG honorary president) following Mr. Yonam in his footstep, opened a college to make agricultural modernization in 1974, as he saw that leading workers for backward farming in Korea to the better agricultural situations, under the shadow of industrial development, is the most important.

1969. 12. Established Yonam Cultural Foundation.
1973. 04. 07 Held the convention for the educational foundation.
1973. 04. 16 Applied the approval of Yonam Education Foundation.
1973. 06. 27 Established Yonam Education Foundation.
1973. 07. 13 Mr. Koo Ja-Kyeong was inaugurated as the first director.
1995. 03. Name changed into LG Yonam Education Foundation.
명예회장 구자경

Prospectus of Yonam Education Foundation

  1. . This foundation is founded and invested on the basis of the Article 2.3 of Yonam Cultural Foundation, which is made for promoting technology, breeding gifted workers to help national modernization, and upgrading national culture, and will be run by its continuous supports.
  2. This foundation will establish a specialized high school for livestock-raising sections, above all, to meet government's demands on sharply increasing technical schools as government focuses on 3 key objectives: farming breakthrough, nurturing heavy industries, boosting exports.
  3. This foundation will put practical techniques into effect through industrial-academic cooperations including remitting tuitions, admission fees, etc. all of school fees providing dormitories and modernized training-facilities, while it situates a school in the place where no schools are inside, national-stockbreeding-district, Cheonan-gun according to government's scattering educational institutions and improving livestock raising.
  4. This foundation expects to assist to achieve the exports of 10 billion dollars in 1980's and exceed national income 1 thousand dollars through applying the spread of animal husbandry management and technical skills, accompanying the increase of international demands for livestock products, on the other hand, it anticipates to help to promote rural activation projects and increase farmer's income through higher productivity with cooperative works like Saemaul Movement.